Coding Doctors specialize in portraying narrative services and products for an operative virtual image. We aim to provide innovative measures for Mobile Application Development procedures in order to create out-of-the-box apps that present flexible services. Our experts have accumulated years of experience and can create apps for Android, Windows, and Blackberry & iOS mobile phones. We use authentic ideas and methodologies in order to deliver an impressive experience.

We use several cloud web features like Dropbox, AWS (Amazon Web Services), iCloud, Rackspace, Amazon S3, and Azure etc for ensuring a productive outcome.

IOS Apps Development

We have an abundance of knowledge for developing iOS apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. With an advanced technical infrastructure and standardized technology, we have imprinted our presence in the app market through strategic and well-analysed designs. Whatever be the category of the app, we can create the best solution!

Android Apps Development

API tends to be more flexible, and allows more working space in creating a quality concept for Android apps. Our professionals are well qualified in developing hundreds of updated and trendy apps for Android operating systems ranging from 2.X to 5.X, Gingerbread to Lollipop. The apps are suited for both custom mobile devices and Android devices.

Blackberry Apps Development

With an extensive history in the field of Blackberry (BB) application development, we have developed a strong professional profile. We also have a large number of adept technicians who can create compelling BB applications as per the details and customizations. Our primary objective is to deliver apps that guarantee client satisfaction through arranged solutions for an impeccable virtual presence.

Windows Apps Development

We have hired a team of efficient developers, who stay in touch with in-trend techniques in order to develop Windows mobile applications. Our experts are skilled in Microsoft Technologies with a strong background in the specific genre. As this field is gaining momentum in the mainstream market, there is an all new range of cool apps and games with advanced techniques and invested features.

Some of Websites We Crafted